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Virtual Voodoo

anthill: Virtual Voodoo is the funny voodoo toy simulator in which usually your only objective is to trigger as much harm since you can to the particular little ragdoll. Think about your worst opponent and just what you will want to perform with the woman or them. From this time take it radically with this toy. Employ needles, the adhere, your individual hands, or even more powerful measures, like open fire or even busses to cause each of the destruction you could. The more pain a person inflicts on the actual doll, the bigger your own report, that may uncover new cool functions, like killer bees or a high-speed instruct, or clothes to customize the particular doll. Provide an pleasurable releasing some aggravation on this free on the internet game "Virtual Voodoo"! Here is a more awesome game that you should play out next: cookie clicker!

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